It's a technique that replaces marble and grit floor lead polishing.

It consists of the vaporization of a particular chemical product that is then dried and hardened by polishing with a brush equipped with a steel wool disk.

It is advisable the use of stainless models of crystallization. The normal steel wool oxidizes in about 6 hours and in the presence of water, ths generating the risk of staining floor.

Duplolana: to revitalize the wax with the periodical upkeep of the floor and for the final polishing.


  • It solicits further on the wax already present on the floor (marble, wood, grit, etc.) giving EXCELLENT RESULTS
  • It does not lose its hair
  • It stays white
  • It can be used at different speeds:180/300/400 revs and super HIGHSPEED
  • It can be washed in washing machine and can be VERY EASILY applied thanks to a special fibre support
  • Available in different sizes

Composition: Polyester wool